Robust Redhorse Education

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Photo of video cover

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has developed a 25 minute video on the robust redhorse, which won an International CINDY Silver Award. A " VHS videotape can be purchased or borrowed from


Photo of the tabletop display

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has developed a three-panel table top display that can be loaned 478.825.6151. (Ross Self)


Click on this image for a larger view. This image shows how to tell the robust redhorse apart

The robust redhorse may be easily misidentified as a closely-related species. One of the best ways to distinguish a robust redhorse from other redhorse suckers is by its fleshy lower lip.

image of molariform pharyngeal teeth

Another distinctive feature of the robust redhorse is its large molariform pharyngeal teeth used to crush the shells of bivalues such as the asiatic clam (Corbicula) a main food source for adults. Of course no animal should be killed for its body parts.